@nik-player Yes, absolutely, you’re right. That would require carrying a device that can run BaseCamp of course, which is not something I’d particularly want to do, but it is doable nonetheless. And something like the Microsoft Surface Go 3 would be a fairly compact and reasonably powerful way of going about it. Various means of accessing a mobile signal for data could be employed too, either inbuilt or via an external device… I’m almost selling this to myself as I type!

However, in addition to preferring to travel light, my focus is on reducing the amount of technology I rely on and the number of devices that need to be replaced at great expense, often simply due to manufacturers making them ‘obsolete’ for no good reason. This is where I hoped MRA would be ideal, but, to date, I have found the navigation side of its offering sadly lacking and I have reverted to using my Garmin Zūmo, which is really disappointing.