Stringing together a 'journey'

  • I'm new to the software so forgive the potentially silly question.

    The times I use my GPS is when I plan long journeys filled with multiple pre downloaded routes.

    Example: I download 3 routes (gpx files), I add the multiple routes into the 'journey'. I would then select a start point and string said routes together.

    How do I go about that?

  • @Christopher-Gough upload all 3 routes in the routeplanner "routes" folder and give then a meaningful name


    then open a new route:


    add routes from the menu


    select the routes you want and add these to the new open route.

    That is a start; I hope you soon grow to the real fun, prepare your holidays with MRA and making all your routes yourself. 🙂

  • RouteXperts

    @Christopher-Gough Just to elaborate on what @Drabslab said. Once the routes are in your library, open the starting route. Then open the routes tab and add your second route. This will initially draw a yellow line following the track of the route. You can add as many routes as you like and to make it clearer to see individual routes, you can change their colour by clicking the little square box and choosing one. Here I have chosen red for the second route and blue for the third.
    Route 2 - 3.jpg

    If you want to join the routes together for navigation, click the + symbol next to the route and a dialogue box will appear. In this example I have chosen to add route 2 to route 1 so I opted to add the route to the end of route 1.
    dialouge box.jpg

    And this is the two routes merged into one.

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