First Post on the forum but been a user for quite a while...and I have a question

  • Hi Everyone

    MRA is a stunning tool....our annual road tour would not be the same without access to it.....the whole suite App and Web can't fault it.

    ...and now for the question

    • I have created 7 Routes for a 7 day trip to the Alps
    • On the route for Day 4, I have under 'Manage POI's' created my own POI's for all the French Alpine Road Passes. I have created about 30 of them and that seems to work fine.

    However when I load a route for another day on the trip I was expecting to see the POIs that I created in my previous route in either library, search or manage under POIs but they don't appear,

    I have before, loaded my own POIs from a file through Route Lab which appear in Library in POI's and is available on all Routes

    So how do I replicate the POIs I have manually created on one route in MRA and have them available to other routes?

  • @A-Toadster are the POI visible in all routes in MRA, or on your device?

    I have a TomTom 4xx and have saved the data as a POI file and saved as POI on the TT, with that they’ll be visible until I remove the POI. Don’t know the wat for getting and keeping then visible in all routes in MRA..

    Best Regards,

  • Instructor

    Export the route where the manually added POI are as .gpx 1.1 (Tracks & POI) to your PC. Make sure that only the POIs remain in the .gpx file. You can do this by editing the .gpx with notepad or basecamp (easier). Then upload the file with only the POIs back into the POI library in MRA.
    You can also make the route public, then I will do it for you.

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master Interesting, Hans! Thanks!

  • Thank you all for your responses...

    In essence it is possible but it involves work arounds.

    I actually decided to create my own POI file in Excel for the mountain passes in the Alps. A little bit of a laborious task identifying the Road passes in Google. Wikipedia was actual quite helpful here as it gave the name, height and the Lat and Long in degrees for all the key ones and some of the less well know ones. By clicking on the Lat and long in degrees in Wikipedia it took you to another site that gave the decimal Lat Long for the pass which you will need for the POI file.

    With a little bit of copying and pasting, I ended up with 80 odd passes in the Excel file which I saved as a CSV file (without column headers. Format: Lat (decimal), Long(Decimal), name.) and uploaded this as POI file in Route Lab.

    This POI file is now visible for every route I create in MRA under POI..Library, which I can toggle on or off as necessary.

    Happy to share the me a Message with your email as I can't see a way of sharing it on the Forum.....

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