How to send a route or location to Zumo via Drive - iOS?

  • So I am trying to figure out how to get certain apps to share locations or routes to Garmin Drive - with the hope I can then get them wirelessly to my XT.

    In Apple Maps, if I select a location and "share" I get options to send to various Apps - one of which is Drive. No problem - it works fine and sends the location straight to the XT.

    In Google Maps however, I tell it to share and Drive is not available as an option.But it will let me share it to Messages, Mail, Kindle, LinkedIn and others - none of which are any use for navigation at all!!!

    In MyRouteApp (Navigation), I select a route and tell it to share. Same behaviour. Drive is not listed but loads of other Apps are.

    So does anyone know why this might be and how to fix it? I was under the impression that I should be able to share routes to Drive from both of these apps.

    I can't find any way to add Drive to the list of sharing options either. There is a "more" option, but clicking through that only lists a selection of Apps that doesn't include Drive and there is no way to add it.

    Given that it works with Apple Maps, it's clear that the interface works - so why isn't that option available in other Apps?

    Anyway - very frustrating. Does anybody have a clue?


  • @Alasdair-Denton-Miller

    Save your route in de planner as .gpx 1.1(Track & POI)
    Then open Garmin Explore and upload the track. The track will be visible in your XT

  • Well.... I kind of figured it out. First of all, my work's Mobile Device Management system didn't like sharing MRA share sheets. So once that was figured out, I can now save a route, select copy to Garmin Drive and from there send it wirelessly to my Zumo XT.

    The XT seems to route it as straight lines, but if I go and have it recalculate, it seems to work OK.....

  • @Alasdair-Denton-Miller

    Use the track. Save the route as .gpx 1.1 (Track & POI), then select a copy to Garmin drive. when it is on your XT, let the XT convert the track to a trip.

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