Too Many Waypoints

  • Hi, I'm new to route planning etc an new to MRA. I have tried planning my first route, it's a circular route of 1hr 50 and about 60 miles, but when I export it to my Garmin 6, it says there are more than 29 way points and splits the route into 2. In MRA, there are 19 waypoints, but when I look in my Garmin, the first half of the route is 39 miles and will take 2hrs 35mins and the second half of the route is 18 miles and will take 1hr 15. Where have I gone wrong. I have tried exporting numerous times and get the same results.

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    Hi Jane,
    Welcome to the forum. Only use the .gpx 1.1 (Track and POI) option to save your route. With the option export to your system, you have to let your system convert the track to a route. You should not use the route that is being exported.

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