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  • This is the follow on to TYRE. Where can I get TYRE as this sucks. I just want a nice simple route planner as TYRE was. Now there is way too much crap in it, groups, add friends. Am not interested in that. I want TYRE

  • @Christopher-Knox
    Hi Christopher, I have used also Tyre before, but MRA is the follower of Tyre and I believe, route planning is so simple as before.
    You must not use all the other great and fancy stuff, if you don't like. And you may keep your routes and tracks private. Not necessary to share with others.

    Try it. Good luck 👍

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    Hi Christopher,

    MyRoute-app is indeed the follow up on Tyre in terms of taking the idea of a routeplanner to the modern era. While I'm sad to see that you think this "sucks", maybe you'll come around as @Guzzist pointed out when you've actually started using it. Since you seem to have some difficulty to find Tyre on the internet, here's a link to the tyretotravel website for you.

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