Wrong Track attached to Event

  • I have created an event and later on, I attached my track to that vent. It is now visible at tab "timeline".
    But now I have 2 questions:

    1. MobileApp on my Smartphone did not do tracking all the time; but my GARMIN did it and I could upload
      several tracks into my MRA Account.
      But how can I attach some ot those onto the event?

    2. I have attached accidently a wrong track to that event.
      How can I detete this wrong track from event?

  • Hi Guzzist,

    1. Did you pause the tracking on your phone?
      You can upload the Garmin file (as a Tracklog), but unfortunately you cannot add it to the event.

    2. Unfortunately, you can only delete linked track logs by deleting the track log or event.

  • Very often, tracking via MRA Mobile Smartphinewasn't good enough - emty spaces because of no GPS signal. In same time, GARMIN Navi recordet track well and complete.
    Or - as this time - I paused the track and later, after restart tracking, it did not. But I could recognise this just after upload! Very annoying - even more, if tracks from NAVI devices could not be uploaded onto Events.

  • Secon point: are you kidding me? To delete a track from an event, I needto delete the whole event and redo it? Please imagine, you have added several tracks with lot of attached moments - and then by adding the last track to this event, you click accidently at the wrong track. Than the whole work is damaged?

  • Hello Rainer, I don't think this is on the ToDo list for this year either. I tried it out with a track and indeed had to delete and recreate the event. But that has never happened to me in practice, and I track every route I drive and put it in the event.

  • ...hmmm, may I did it not in best way: I uploaded after journey the track out of tracks folder onto event. This caused to select accidently the wrong track.
    Now, I learned about the possibility at Mobile App, to select the option to load track directly onto event.
    I will test it next time...

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