Help on using Tom Tom itn files

  • Hi
    I consider myself quite good on myroute app and use tracks on my Tom Tom 400 sat nav.
    As an experiment I converted a 200 mile ride onto my sat nav using the itn file download which of couse added waypoints on to my route.My friends on the ride were given the same route on their tom toms but they were using tracks.
    The route using tracks was perfect with no routing errors.
    My route was a disaster wanting to take me off every single junction on a motorway section of the route.
    Every waypoint was exactly placed on the correct side of the carriageway as we used the same motorway on the return leg of the route.
    What went wrong----------????

  • If you want help with a specific route, it is useful to provide a link to the relevant route here.
    Don't forget to set the privacy of that route to "public".

  • RouteXperts

    @jeff-barton Did you have avoid highways selected on your TomTom and your friends didn’t?

  • Hi Nick
    No I did not have avoid motorways set on my sat nav.
    My friends also did not have avoid motorways on their sat navs but the difference as mentioned ws they were on tracks and I was on a route.

  • Hi Jeff,
    You may find a solution here in this instruction Export instruction: general TomTom (click)
    In it you can read, among other things, the following: "you can choose between routes and tracks. We advise using the track since it is more accurate.".

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