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  • How do you get the iPhone to operate in landscape mode? Thanks

  • @Shane-3 Apart from in the Navigation app, and then only when a route is active, you don’t. Portrait only, I’m afraid. I’ve raised this, but I’m not aware of any imminent change. It seems a glaring omission to me.

  • @PAD-0 Thanks. I think I have got it working in landscape mode, sat here in the study. I just rotated my iPhone through 90 degrees, Nav app.
    However, I am positive it did not work like this last week in Scotland! I will investigate further this week.

  • RouteXperts

    @Shane-3 As you have already discovered, just rotate your phone. I must say though that I much prefer to see more of the road in portrait view. 6DBAB64B-8053-4F3D-9AEF-FE646573287E.png

  • @Nick-Carthew Very true. I will investigate both views.

  • Sorry, I should have said that screen rotation happens automatically in Navigation, no need to set anything. Using a phone, I certainly prefer to use portrait for navigating. iPad, it depends and it’s good to have the option.

    Personally, I’d rather have the option for rotation with all views in all aspects of both MRA and Navigation.

  • @PAD-0 Very true sir.

  • @PAD-0 Haha! I suppose I'm unique since I prefer and use the landscape mode haha. I have the auto screen orientation set to "off" to make sure during my ride the screen does not automatically turn to portrait in a sharp corner with a phone that is mounted in landscape... It happened to me once.

    So I start the nav in landscape and then turn the adjust screen orientation automatically option off while in landscape. 🙂

  • I prefer landscape any time! I just think that info fields should move to a side panel, leaving the height of the landscape view completely for the map.

    <irritation mode on> TV screens and monitors are oriented landscape for a reason. Speaking for myself I know my eyes are beside each other, and not above each other... Smartphones being oriented portrait is the design-failure of the century. Especially all nitwits taking pictures vertically is utterly irritating! 🤒 </irritation mode off> 😀

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