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  • I created a route in my route, a journey of about 65 miles with 4 waypoints and across country. I then transferred to my Garmin Zumo 396 using export. However when I came to use the route the Garmin calculated as using a motorway and none of the roads that I had used. Surely it should use the route that I exported to the Garmin otherwise it makes using MyRoute pointless
    Thanks in advance

  • The more waypoints you add the closer your route will be to how you want it to be.
    You can choose to “Avoid” some road types including Motorways (Highways in MRA).
    This is in the Toolkit menu.

    4 waypoints for a 65 mile route is simply not enough for any Garmin Sat Nav IMO.

  • What Steve said. AND keep in mind that when you add non-default routing options, they will not replicate to your device, so the route will be calculated differently. It is therefore best to shape your route using default routing options OR to use the track and convert that to a route on your device.

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    Hi @Perry-4 I echo the comments of @Steve-Lynch and @Con-Hennekens. Use the avoid highways feature on your Garmin and add some more route points.

  • Another echo here. With that number of points over that distance, you’re leaving a lot open to interpretation by whatever sat nav device or app you might be using. Always take it as a given that if there are options on what road to use between two waypoints, your sat nav will choose the one you don’t want to use!

    Using avoidances helps, as does making sure your settings in the route creation tool and the sat nav device are as close to identical as possible. For instance, I have seen numerous different interpretations of a group ride route due to people having different settings on their devices (and in BaseCamp) - even with plenty of shaping/via points. While rare, it can even be enough to fragment a group - despite a drop off system being used.

  • Thanks for the replies but still struggling with this. I redid the route with 12 waypoints and one just off a dual carriageway. I transferred the route to the Garmin Zumo 396 and set the route going. It now consists of straight lines and just shows the start and finish. I am actually starting to find Basecamp easier to use. This app is great for planning a route but I cannot get the route to show the same on the Garmin unit

  • MRA routes, in combination with Garmin, really only work well with the Garmin ZumoXT.
    It's already been said above. It is best to export the track from MRA and then convert the track to a route on your device.
    If you then drive the route, you must disable "recalculate" on your device.

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  • @Perry-4

    I feel your frustration Perry.
    I have a proper hissy fit when a Garmin device recalculates and changes my actual route.
    I used to use a Garmin Zumo 595 LM and managed to screw up those 3 little battery pins when replacing the battery,
    Then a mate let me borrow his Tom Tom Rider 400 for a couple of days.
    I fell in love with Tom Tom Tracks.
    Fast forward a couple of years and I added a Honda 250 Rally to my bike list to do some Off Roading.
    Tom Tom just cant do Off-Road.
    So I got the Garmin Zumo XT.
    After much help from Hans and Nick I have a flawless system and have never had a recalculates since.
    I would go further than the advice above however and say that I now systematically add at least 1 waypoint to every road I travel on (Not relevant to Off Road) and I only use the Trip Planner on the Garmin Zumo XT.
    If I come across a road closure it will guide back onto the Route without fail after a couple of U Turn notifications that I completely ignore.

    And finally I will just add another thing.
    I suspect that at some point in the near future Basecamp will be deprecated completely as they seem to be moving into Mobile and Web Based solutions.

    There is no mention of the 395 or the 595 on the link below.

    We all know that Lifetime Maps does not really mean for your lifetime, it means for the lifetime that the device is supported.

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    If you apply the following rule of thumb, you are in the right direction as to how many waypoints you can best place in a route.
    A route point every 4 to 5 km, so a route of 200 KM would contain between 40 and 50 route points.If you apply the following rule of thumb, you are in the right direction as to how many waypoints you can best place in a route.
    A route point every 4 to 5 km, so a route of 200 KM would contain between 40 and 50 route points.

    *If you want to drive on the highway, you obviously need less.

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