MRA Navigation Sync

  • Hi All, just a quick question.

    If you create a route on the MRA Navigation phone app, can you sync it to a Garmin via bluetooth?


  • RouteXperts

    @Teejay No, not directly from the MRA Navigation app. But all routes created on the Nav app will go to your MRA library where you can then send to your device by the normal method.

  • it is posible,

    save the file of the route,

    be sure that you have the garmin app on your phone

    Garmin drive app

    go to the folder where your file is and open the .GPX file.

    it wil open direct the Garmin app or els it wil ask you what to do.

    open the Garmin drive app and the file wil be transported to your Garmin nav.

    if it's not working, your Garmin is possible to old fot this.

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