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  • I love creating routes in MRA, so intuitive. However when I transfer them to my Nav VI I seem to be having an issue. Specifically when I change one of the shaping points in MRA to a Via Point. When I look at the route in the Nav VI even those that I've changed to Via Points show up as simple shaping points so I assume will not be announced(still too much ice and salt on the road to start riding and test it out where I live.) It looks as if I first export the MRA route to BaseCamp I can make that change but I'd rather avoid that extra step when that functionality seems to be built into MRA. Beyond that I HATE BaseCamp even just as an import/export tool. Also, when I used BaseCamp for this, for some reason the unnamed waypoints from MRA became oddly numbered, (21,31,41, etc.) on the Nav VI rather than simply 1,2,3, etc. as they had been when created on MRA. I don't think this will affect my navigation but it just seems odd.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Randy Stern
    Waterbury, VT USA

  • Not sure about the BMW Nav 6 but aren’t Garmin (The Nav 6 is a Garmin based device) deprecating Basecamp for Garmin Explore?

    I believe this change is to make mobile apps available but the web address above will work on all devices including PC’s, tablets and mobiles.
    There are also bespoke apps for iOS and Android.
    Garmin Explore and Garmin Drive.

    Also MRA have a specific export to deal with Garmin Via and Shaping Points.

    Export to “GPX 1.1 (BETA Route, Track, POI)

    If the Nav 6 is licensed for Garmin Explore then you can import the exported file via the web address above.

  • Instructor

    @Randy-Stern Hello Randy,

    Waypoints currently only work in the Garmin XT. The developers are still working on making this work for the older Zumo models.

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master
    Thanks. I figured that out. It's not a big deal to change them into announced waypoints once it's in the Garmin but it sure would be nice to have it done automatically. Still beats the hell out of creating a role in Basecamp☺️.

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