Greetings from Ireland

  • Hi everybody.

    Great app this. I'm really enjoying it and wish I discovered it years ago.

    I'm a really really old guy who loves travelling and researching my next trip when between trips.

    I live in inner city Dublin and have worked for many years as a psychotherapist specialising in addictions and trauma.

    Thanks to my ancestors and the genes they gifted me, I'm in excellent health and full of energy. I creak a bit more now that I used to but ok with this.

    I generally travel 3 to 4 months each year. My last trip was a camping overlanding trip from Nairobi to Johannesburg. It lasted over 3 months. The year before that, it was following the Silk Road from Astana in Kazakhstan to Istanbul in Turkey. Iran was, and is, the best country I've ever been in. The year before that, it was train from Dublin to Beijing, including a month on Trans-Siberian Train and the Baikal Amur Mainline, the famous BAM through Siberia. The previous year was Bangkok to Singapore. Other trips included London to Istanbul by train and then bus onwards through Iran Pakistan and all over India. I also travelled through most of SE Asia.

    I recently bought an 1989 VW T25/T3 1.6TD Westfalia California campervan and this will be my main method of transport during the pandemic and it's possibly extended and messy conclusion.

    I'm planning an 8-10 week trip from Dublin across UK, Northern Germany, Copenhagen, up east coast of Sweden along the Bay of Bothnia and up Sweden and Finland to Nordkapp in Norway. The real journey really starts here as I wind my way for 6 weeks or so down the west coast of Norway enjoying the majestic fjords. Then to Oslo and back home to Dublin.

    Please feel free to reach out to me with and comments, advice or questions.

  • RouteXperts

    @Brian-Ó-hÚrdail Welcome to the forum. Wow, sounds like you have an epic tour planned, I wish you the best of luck with it.

  • @Brian-Ó-hÚrdail Hello Brian from the Centre of Dublin. One question springs to mind: north sider or south sider? 😉

    You are quite a traveller.

    Which GPs device are you intendign to use?

    By the way; welcome to the forum 🙂

  • Instructor

    Welcome Brian

    Great Trip

  • @Nick-Carthew
    Thanks Nick.
    I can't wait for this lockdown to end so I can hit the road again. I dream of the Norwegian fjords...

  • @Hans-van-de-Ven-MRA-Master
    Dank je wel, Hans

  • @Drabslab

    I once was an outsider, now I'm an insider..... neither North nor South

    I love travel and meeting other people, customs and cultures. I never get tired of it.

    I try to travel as lightly as possible so probably will use my mobile phone, Galaxy S8, as a GPS device. I also have an old tablet, a Galaxy Tab A 8", I might use as a dedicated GPS device. I'll see how it works when I'm on the road.

    I've subscribed to MRA Navigator and will see how that works. I also have TomTom app.

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