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  • change directory for "save as"

    when you want to record a route using "save as", the recording is done in the "download" folder ... why can't we change the directory?

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  • MRA Community Forum is now live!

    Hello community!

    As of this moment the MyRoute-app Community Forum is now live and running. You can easily switch back to MyRoute-app with the buttons in the header. For a full report on the story detailing the construction of this new feature, stay tuned. The first post will follow soon in the community blog!

    Wishing you a lot of fun and safe travels,

    Team MyRoute-app

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  • Writing a travel story

    So you want to share a travel story? That's great. In this topic we'll help you get started on this subject with some broad guidelines that you can use to create an enjoyable topic. Good luck writing your travel stories!

    Discover the MRA blog feature

    Now before we go any further I'd like to point out that with MyRoute-app you can easily create a shareable and amazing blog. Creating a MRA blog and linking it in a topic can oftentimes be sufficient as long as you write a nice summary in the topic description along with several highlighted photo's.

    Read more about this feature here:

    Writing a good travel story

    A good travel story never starts in the middle. Unless of course you have great writing skills and know how to add context and all other kinds of neccecary information to your topic after you have started writing about it in the middle of it. In general though, it would be best write a travel story in a chronological order and that adheres to the following guidelines:

    • πŸ—Ί Tell when and where you have been
    • πŸ“Έ Show pictures of your experience (seriously, we all understand that it was probably very beautiful)
    • β„Ή Give tips for other travelers who might visit the same destionation(s)
    • πŸ›£ add routes and relevant tracks by link
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  • Creating a "My Ride" topic

    If this section of the forum would have a smell, it would smell like oil, gasoline, metal and new cars. Welcome, to the dedicated "Ride" section of the forum! In this topic we'll walk you through the process of creating a good "My Ride" thread.

    Pro-est tip of all: share your "My Ride" topic in your MyRoute-app bio and under My Ride in MRA.

    Bikes, Bicycles, Cars, Campers.... Runners? Hikers?

    If you are a runner or hiker you might wonder whether or not you have anything to do in this forum. As far as we're concerned: you're all welcome. You are free to show off running or hiking gear in a topic. Just make sure that everything is recognizable as such and follow the guidelines in this thread and within the General Forum Rules.

    Pics please!

    Your ride is awesome not because of your technical description, but in large part because of how it looks. The distinctive shape, color and even scratches and dents make your ride, well, your ride. Really a "my ride" topic without pictures is just bad. Also grainy bad low-rez pictures won't do. It's your ride, your beautiful steed that takes you on adventures. It deserves some pictures if you take the effort of posting about it on an online forum. Here are some general ideas:

    • πŸ–Ό at least one high quality overall picture that showcases your ride. No crap, just a well lit nice picture of your ride (and don't dare obscure your ride with some kind of lens flare or stuff)
    • πŸŒ‡ your ride in scenes (a parking lot, at the beach, in the woods, with people posing with it, etc.)
    • πŸ” detail pictures: a shiny Harley Davidson emblem, a close up of the wood paneling in a beamer, your helmet on the steer, etc.

    In general just keep in mind that we all want to primarily see what you're riding on and only then want to read more about it.

    Technical details

    Go ahead and post technical details of your vehicle or update your post when people find out technical details for you. Of course nobody expects you to explain what kind of bolts are used to fix the body to the frame, but a general indication would be great. Good to know information that everyone likes to know is:

    • ⏲ 0 to 100 measured in s
    • πŸ’ͺ horsepower or cc
    • πŸ‘΄ year
    • ⭐ special features

    Show interest

    Don't just dump a topic of your ride and never look back, update it and keep it actual. Also visit other people's threads and show some interest in your fellow riders.

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  • Sharing routes and tracks, how to share and tips

    Hi there! This is the place where we share routes and tracks. To help you along the way we have made this post that gives you all the information you need to get started!

    Before we start:

    • if you want to share a bunch of routes that can be grouped together then don't make seperate topics but just create one general topic. It'll generate more traffic and looks cleaner in the forum.
    • Consider that a good route is a route that would be fun to explore for others as well. Walking your dog or cycling to work are usually activities that are not fun to begin with for the person forced to do them, let alone would they be fun for others.

    How to write the topic subject

    Your topic should have a good subject. Make sure that the following information is contained within your subject:

    • What the track or route is for ( Bicycle, Bike, Camper, Car, Running, Walking)
    • Country and region of origin of the route or track (eg: Dolomites in Italy)
    • Distance and duration, for tracks use an example or estimate.

    The big five

    Sharing good routes and tracks can make you as famous as sharing bad routes and tracks can give you a bad reputation. Nobody wants to be "the guy that makes boring routes" or "the no-context track spam guy". Thus we have some tips and tricks that will at the very least guarantee that your posts are formatted properly and contain all the right amount of information. We have formatted these tips as five rules that you should try to adhere to at all times.

    1. Never share routes or tracks that you are unfamiliar with (unless of course your topic is a question in regards to other people's experiences on these roads).
    2. Fill the post with pictures: beautiful pictures documenting the adventure are an absolutely neccecary visual aid to keep your readers' attention.
    3. If your route is based on the route of someone else, give the right amount of credit to avoid causing drama or forcing Community Leadership to act.
    4. Use proper english while posting. If your english skill is relatively low, you can always use Google Translate to improve your texts. The days where Google Translate would create indecipherable garbage texts are long gone!
    5. Make sure that your profile looks good. People might check you out after reading your topic to learn more about your posts. Having a template profile with no personal information will make you look like a forum newborn.

    Optional: becoming a RouteXpert

    Do you enjoy creating routes, writing reviews and helping others enjoy the best routes there are? Perhaps you would be interested in becoming a RouteXpert. Become a symbol for riders worldwide. Become a RouteXpert! Do you have:

    βœ”οΈMany hours on the road?
    βœ”οΈGood reviewing skills?

    Become a RouteXpert and enjoy the many benefits. Sign up here:

    ⭐ Status as a quality route-maker and reviewer
    🎁 Free rewards, such as shirts and jackets
    🌎 Help in making great routes for everyone
    🎫 Special RouteXpert-only events
    πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό Your ideas help shape the future of MRA

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  • How to give an amazing introduction!

    Welcome to the New Users' corner: the place where you can introduce yourself to other members. Here are some tips for replying to new users as well as tips on how to write a strong introduction!

    Tips for introducing yourself:

    • Consider writing an introduction that can also be used for your MyRoute-app account description
    • Tell us who you are by sharing some information about yourself, for example about your job or favorite activities
    • Explain how you found the forum and what you like about it

    Tips for replying to an introduction:

    • Both short and long welcome messages are still welcome messages. Saying hello or welcome never hurts to make someone feel like a part of the community from the start
    • We're usually very good in talking about ourselves. Now's the time to learn about someone else, feel free to ask questions and try to not turn the topic into a discussion about you.
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