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  • RE: change directory for "save as"

    @Nick-Carthew bien sur , mais cela ne repond pas a ma question, et je trouve ca assez genant

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  • change directory for "save as"

    when you want to record a route using "save as", the recording is done in the "download" folder ... why can't we change the directory?

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  • MRA Community Forum is now live!

    Hello community!

    As of this moment the MyRoute-app Community Forum is now live and running. You can easily switch back to MyRoute-app with the buttons in the header. For a full report on the story detailing the construction of this new feature, stay tuned. The first post will follow soon in the community blog!

    Wishing you a lot of fun and safe travels,

    Team MyRoute-app

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  • Writing a travel story

    So you want to share a travel story? That's great. In this topic we'll help you get started on this subject with some broad guidelines that you can use to create an enjoyable topic. Good luck writing your travel stories!

    Discover the MRA blog feature

    Now before we go any further I'd like to point out that with MyRoute-app you can easily create a shareable and amazing blog. Creating a MRA blog and linking it in a topic can oftentimes be sufficient as long as you write a nice summary in the topic description along with several highlighted photo's.

    Read more about this feature here:

    Writing a good travel story

    A good travel story never starts in the middle. Unless of course you have great writing skills and know how to add context and all other kinds of neccecary information to your topic after you have started writing about it in the middle of it. In general though, it would be best write a travel story in a chronological order and that adheres to the following guidelines:

    • 🗺 Tell when and where you have been
    • 📸 Show pictures of your experience (seriously, we all understand that it was probably very beautiful)
    • ℹ Give tips for other travelers who might visit the same destionation(s)
    • 🛣 add routes and relevant tracks by link
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