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  • RE: What improvements are coming in MyRoute-App?


    Hello Gerry,

    I just want to respond or your story, which I find a bit negative ...

    I too am an end user, one of the first hours, and I have also submitted wishes in recent years and some of them have been implemented and some (not yet).
    The reason, MRA is set up in 1st insancy as a general route planner that is suitable for every navigation system.
    With the associated benefits of:
    -the route calculations of the 3 different map suppliers (Here, TomTom & OSM),
    -have Google streetview directly available in your route editor,
    -Creating groups, very suitable for clubs and tour operators,
    -Creating events (open and closed) to which you can immediately invite a group,
    -Creating a travel story / blog as a reminder of your travels

    Of course there are always wishes about each user has his own wishes and working method, I was also a Basecamp user who used the Waypoints and the calculation method behind it, and yes I also submitted a ticket for that.

    I have learned a different way of working that is completely based on MRA, yes I have to calculate how long we are on the road, taking into account a number of stops, but Microsoft Excel helps me with that. And by making a TourGuide of the POI (waypoints in BC) these are also neatly displayed on the screen of my Zumo XT and because I also attach an MP3 file, they are also properly called when I am within a certain distance of the POI come.

    An inventory has also been made among the users about the wishes to be available in MRA, resulting in the "The Great Suggestion List" and the points on the list have been given a priority by the users. On the basis of this list, the developers go to the drawing board to see whether something can be developed within the existing concept or whether adjustments need to be made to the concept, and how many hours / costs this entails.
    Believe me all questions and wishes are discussed by the Team and if an item is being developed, the "Mentor - RouteXperts" will be the 1st to test it.
    In addition to the "The Great Suggestion List", MRA also has regular maintenance activities and is currently testing MRA video, so that it can also be used in the production environment and that the end users can use it.

    So I find it a bit unfortunate how you translate your feelings, because it seems negative to me.

    Kind regards

    Hans van de Ven.

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  • RE: Designing the MyRoute-app logo


    Hi Andy,

    As Nick shows below, there's quite some people here on the forum who are more than ready to see if they can help you organize.

    Perhaps instead of using 200x the Navigation app and going through all that hassle, it'd be more practical to put your route visibly online so that your members can download it for their device. By comparing routes between TomTom and HERE you can make as sure as possible that the ride will be the same for everyone.

    Additionally, you can always create a support ticket if you're a GOLD or GOLD Trial member.

    Kind regards,


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  • RE: Designing the MyRoute-app logo

    @Andy-Manning-Smith What help would you like, if it’s technical then I’m sure that I can assist.

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  • RE: Designing the MyRoute-app logo

    @Drabslab said in Designing the MyRoute-app logo:

    @Timo-Martosatiman-MRA Cool 🙂

    What I always get confused about is whether somebody is talking about the navigation app on a mobile or about the web based navigator; I try to be clear taking about MRA Web , or MRA Navigator and avoid using app as both are apps and this does not introduce any distinction.

    But I am glad to notice that you are still full of idea's 🙂

    I agree, many people are confused with the word app. MRA Web and MRA Navigator are far less confusing.

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  • RE: Solo op reis naar Normandie

    @Patje-BBC-223 Ik heb Normandië verschillende keren bezocht en ik kan garanderen dat u ervan zult genieten. Mijn favoriete plek om te verblijven in Honfleur, een prachtige stad met veel opties voor hotels. Hier is een route die ik heb toegevoegd aan de RouteXpert Click here bibliotheek die enkele van de bekende WW2-sites bezoekt.
    Dit is weer een rondreis vanuit Honfleur die met verschillende gratis veerboten op en neer vaart langs de rivier de Seine.
    River Seine route

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  • RE: Designing the MyRoute-app logo

    And I just thought that it all happened by magic 😉 By the way, I like the ice-cream logo 😋

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  • RE: The Great Suggestion List

    @Wytze U kunt ervoor kiezen om op een routepunt in de lijst te klikken. Dit bespaart 1 klik en 1,25 seconden 😉


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  • Designing the MyRoute-app logo

    Making a design, in our case both functional and graphical design, isn’t an objective job. In this blog we’ll be looking at the design of the MyRoute-app logo, the stages it went through and where it’s headed in the future.

    For example, the MyRoute-app logo went through several iterations before being finalized. The logo I now instantly recognize as being objectively the best possible logo for MyRoute-app, is merely the product of my collective memories associating this logo with this company for the past 7 years or so. Perhaps you think the logo is especially bad, maybe you would’ve liked a different logo better. Maybe putting more focus towards the “moments” feature in MyRoute-app, maybe creating a more realistic pin, maybe even going the abstract route and trying to emphasize “connectiveness”. All in all, even something as “simple” as deciding on a logo is very subjective.

    Of all the above logos the middle one was picked as being the most “recognizable”. That said, that’s mostly because all map-based software at that time used pin-like icons to display waypoints. While there’s plenty of arguments that could be made for how that’s a great choice of logo, there’s also good arguments against. After all, it could also be considered a bit lame. Like an online storage service using the iconic floppy-disc icon as a logo. The most important argument against this logo came from Michel however. He liked the logo very much, however, it looked too much like ice-cream.

    Using this feedback as input for a new iteration, we designed a new logo that’s both instantly recognizable as a pin whilst not being very “ice-creamy”. This became the current MyRoute-app logo. For good measure we added a plus in the pin, symbolizing how MyRoute-app was an improvement over other legacy-gen route editors.

    This logo has been the design for MyRoute-app logo since the inception in 2013, combining the characterstic waypoint logo with stylized “MyRoute-app” lettering through a route line. This peculiar little logo, distinctive from more corporate and abstract logos whilst at the same time exuding a sense of modernity and progress became the brand symbol for MyRoute-app.


    Happiness lasted only for a little while though, as during the application of the logo the realisation set in that this logo went with very few colors other than white. In fact, the logo pretty much only worked with white. In general, this wasn’t a problem as there are many ways in which graphical elements can be combined in such a fashion that they create a white background for the logo. Regardless, it made the design progress more time consuming as every design decision could inevitably lead to the question “but how do we make the logo more visible on this design?”. This is why much of the early marketing materials, UI elements and brand visuals contained images of pearly white clouds and snowy mountaintops: ideal backgrounds for the logo.

    This problem was quickly resolved by adopting to a then-popular new design trend: flat design. With the first iteration of what artists called flat design, almost all color was removed from logo’s. Returning to an essence of directly recognizable visuals in vibrant colors. What this design trend lacked in visual complexity, it made up for in praciticality. Suddenly, companies all over the world adopted variants of their logo’s containing vibrant photography matched with simple two-tone logo’s. At MyRoute-app, we stylized the visually complex standard logo into a variant that could be used on non-white backgrounds.

    Today we’re looking forward to re-inventing our brand, as soon we’re expecting to rebrand some of MyRoute-app’s services for the purposes of clarity. At the same time, we want to bring the design of all logos back to a clearly recognizable identity. Whatever design trend will happen, whether it’ll be about sharp edges or smooth corners, whether it’ll have vibrant hues or a single-color, MyRoute-app will always be instantly recognizable.


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  • RE: MRA mit TomTom Rider 550 nutzen

    @DerEchte-Balou Ich stimme zu @Reinhard-32 . Der einfachste Weg, Ihre Route auf Ihr TomTom 550 hochzuladen, besteht darin, "Speichern unter" zu verwenden und dann TomTom MyDrive (Beta) auszuwählen. Zuerst müssen Sie ein MyDrive-Konto haben. Mit dieser Methode wird Ihre Route drahtlos an Ihren 550 gesendet und auf Ihrem Gerät unter "Meine Routen" angezeigt.

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