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    It says Beta so I will treat it as a Beta and always have a backup plan with me, the Tom Tom Rider 550 😁

    The most interesting thing in this release is the “Always place Waypoints on the Road” option.
    Maybe this has been there for a while but I have just started using MRA Navigation again recently for the last month.
    So in edit mode in MRA Navigation after you have created the first waypoint, all Waypoints you add thereafter are guaranteed to be exactly on the nearest Route Line.
    That may well be quicker than doing it in MRA Planner as no need to fully zoom for each waypoint.
    And if you create a route in MRA Navigation it does then pull into MRA Planner.
    Pretty cool methinks.

    For me I have had only one issue with it where I had a “figure of 8” route that had Waypoint 2 appearing twice on the route because the route came back through the same Road I started on.
    It was an easy fix to just remove that particular waypoint which wasn’t even Waypoint Number 2 but was actually showing as Waypoint Number 2.

    I know there are users that are having issues with it so I’m just wondering how we as a community can support those users.
    I guess the issues are based on the fact that there are so many different Android variants and the different manufacturers often put there own UI version on it.
    Maybe if Android users declared their Phone make and model then users on the same models could try to re-create issues that others on the same model are having.

    I’m on a Samsung S10 so if any users are having issues on those then I would be happy to try to re-create any issues, share my settings etc etc etc.

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  • My Rides

    The Hooligan Taming the Lions.
    2015 Yamaha MT09. (Purchased S/H Aug 26 2017)




    This is my favourite photo opportunity, Headley Hall.
    Once the home of the legend, Sir Malcolm Campbell, of Bluebird fame And Land Speed Records.

    Packing for the Pico’s


    Kriega US30, 2 x Kriega US 20, Redverz Attacama Tent, Helinox Chair and Helinox Table.
    It made a fantastic back rest but required sinching down quite often. 😳


    Bardinas Reales.


    Ah! We sleep together. 😍

    Cornwall 5 day Tour taking in the whole of Cornwall’s coast line.



    The 2015 Yamaha MT09 is indeed a Hooligan.
    The 2015 model only had ABS no traction control.
    In A mode 💪 the throttle is very snatchy and keeping the front wheel on the ground can be a problem.
    The rear suspension is a bit wishy washy and can sometimes get you into trouble also.
    Standard mode is quick enough for me to be honest and B Mode is definitely required if its raining as its very easy to spin up the rear in the wet.
    The standard seat is a “plank” particularly if you are a skinny fella like me with not a lot of “meat” in that area.
    I immediately got the seat refoamed at West Sussex Motorcycles.
    Had to haggle a lot on the price for this as it was registered in 2016 and the dealer had it listed as a 2016 model which it was not.
    In the build up to the release of the 2016 model, Yamaha started throwing in the Akro exhaust for free to try to shift the last of the 2015 models.
    I made the dealer aware of all this and we came to an acceptable price.
    The Akro sounds beautiful on this on the overrun and the gurgles and pops brings a smile to may face every time.

    Summary: Fantastic Hooligan bike with a few dodgy foibles like the rear suspension and the snatchy throttle in A mode.

    Honda CRF 250 Rally and Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro to be added at a later date.

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  • RE: Navigation v1.6.10 won;t switch to SD Card for maps

    Aha, there is no card installed on my phone, thanks

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  • RE: Navigation v1.6.10 won;t switch to SD Card for maps


    Maybe this option only appears if an SD Card is installed on the Android phone.
    My Samsung S10 5G only has a Sim Card slot no SD Card Slot
    I can find no SD Card Map options in my version of V1.6.10 Beta.
    I also downloaded another map to see but nothing appeared regarding SD Cards.
    There are 2 threads now indicating that the option appears, unless users are actually looking at an Android setting?

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  • RE: This is a great idea. Very usefull and unique.

    Hello @Gerhard-Feuser,

    It is on the roadmap.

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  • RE: Navigation v1.6.10 won;t switch to SD Card for maps

    Hi Steve

    I don't think that option is there, and the cards are placed on your phone. Could you add a print screen to this post?

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  • RE: MRA Navigation APP

    Screenshot_20211022-224906_Google Play Store.jpg

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  • RE: MRA Navigation APP

    If you go back in the Play Store and look at the full description you should see plenty of Beta notices throughout.
    Unless they have another version running in parallel that is not Beta.

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